thumb Murinkov vrch ikonaThe Chapel of Our Lady of Perpetual Help called "Olešňanský Klin", or "Chapel on Muřínkov vrch" was built in 1932 at the initiative of the spouses JUDr. Vladimír and Jasefka Nárožný.

In recent years, it has undergone significant reconstruction and became a nice resting point on the ridge hiking route from Veľké Polom to Biely Kríž.

Originally, a small wooden chapel built by the Klusová family from Klin stood on the site. The Nárožný couple from Olomouc were staying in Veľký Polom in the years 1930-1932 and came to it almost daily to pray in order that their love would be sealed by offspring. While pronouncing their prayers, there felt an impulsion to build a new chapel on this site. After its completion, the image of the "Mother of God's Perpetual Help", which was imported from Rome, was placed on the main altar. The Chapel was consecrated in 1933; the Bishop's Office in Nitra in 1947 approved services to be held here at the end of June. The last services with the participation of the priest and the public were at the chapel in the early 1950s. This tradition was revived only after 40 years (1990). Currently, there is a pilgrimage and a meeting of natives from the settlement of Klin on the feast of St. Peter and Paul (June 29th).

In 2018, the Chapel underwent a significant refurbishment supported by several donors. The modified well is decorated with a metal sculpture "Key to Happiness" by the architect Ing. Stanislav Mikovčák, the author of many viewing towers in Kysuce.

Access: The chapel is built on a meadow above the village of Klin in the village of Olešná, on the border of Slovakia and Moravia. It is accessible by car (approx. 8 km from the main road), by bicycle (the route is partly parallel to the Kysucká cycling route C - Olešná Maslovenka signpost). Hiking - along the border ridge following the red tourist sign - 12 km from Biely Kríž and 1 km from Veľký Polom.

Following the yellow tourist sign from Horní Lomná (CZ): 3.5 km.

Surroundings: A well with drinking water, a fireplace, benches for sitting, a signpost, an information board, a summit book, a toilet are in the surroundings of the Chapel.

Recommendation and notes: The Chapel is located approx. 200 m from the large parking lot. The approach is not a problem, the road is of good quality, asphalt, later gravel. The neighbouring areas have been marked by deforestation. It is possible to grill, but the location is quite windy. We recommend combining the visit with a climb to Veľký Polom (1,067 m above sea level) - there and back 2.4 km; ascent/descent: 132 m, 0:50 h. (or continue to Kamenná chata + 2 km).


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