skalite kudlov kaplnka 4The Chapel of the Ascension of St. cross in Kudlov was built on the site of an old wooden chapel built in 1911, upon the initiative of Juraj Krčmárik.

The cross standing in front of the Chapel (built into the facade) and dating back to 1835 was carved by the local stonemason Ondrej Špilák from the stone extracted in the Bystrica Valley. The Cross became a target of pilgrimages after a significant event which was recorded by the local parish priest Jozef Randík in his Parish Reports. As recorded in the reports, the year 1905 was a time of severe drought threatening the harvest. The local people gathered at the Cross on the day of St. Anne and begged for dew from heaven. On the very day, a gentle rain began to fall and saved the crops.

Since then, the people from the upper end have been going to this cross to pray the holy rosary, and due to the frequent rains and storms, they decided to build a chapel above the cross. From the collected and received donations, they bought a 100 kg bell and started building a wooden chapel. However, the building was a disappointment, as it was wobbling when the bell was ringing, and therefore in 1912 a brick chapel was built instead. Currently, an annual pilgrimage and a solemn service is held on the Sunday after the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (September 14th.)


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