zvonica makov u gregusi 002The Belltower at the settlement of Greguši is one of the dominants of Makov. It was the only building that remained in the settlement after it had been burned by Nazi soldiers on 13th December 1944. The original wooden bell tower was built as early as 1850. It was replaced by a newer one in its present form only in 1997, when it was consecrated by the parish priest Pavol Mitaš.

In June 2020, the original shingle covering had to be replaced due to a leaking roof. Among other things, the belfry was the only one among all the buildings that remained untouched after the settlement had been burned by Nazi troops on December 13th, 1944. The steel bell in this wooden belfry was made in the Bochumer foundry called Bochumer Verein Gußstahl-Fabrikation in Germany in 1880. Thanks to the Hungarian inscriptions on the surface of the bell, we can learn that the steel bell was funded from the donations of the worshippers belonging to the Makov parish administered by the then pastor and dean František Ottinger.

Even though during the war requisition of bells, at the time of the First World War (specifically between 1916 and 1917), the military did not remove steel bells from church towers and belfries, the Greguš settlers hid the bell in a pile of manure for three whole months, and thus protected it from possible requisition.



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