pamätník obetiam na semetesi 1On Friday morning on 20 April 1945 a patrol of around 80 soldiers from Vlasov's Russian Army of Liberation was passing through the settlement Semeteš, in the district of Vysoká nad Kysucou from Veľké Rovné to Turzovka.

A booby trap exploded and killed two patrol members.

The Nazis laid siege to a part of the settlement, invaded local houses, drove people out and started to sack the village. They set houses on fire, arranged eighteen male villagers oddly and started shooting.

Seventeen of the men were shot dead, and only one, Štefan Cipár, survived the tragedy by a miracle. Three other men were shot dead later. The representatives of the Municipal National Committee in Vysoká decided on 15 July 1945 to build a dignified memorial to the victims of the massacre. The cross was consecrated and the memorial with names of the 21 victims of Semeš was unveiled on a Slovak National Uprising anniversary on 28 August 1945.


Obecný úrad Vysoká nad Kysucou, Ústredie 215, 023 55 Vysoká nad Kysucou, +421 (0)41 436 11 01, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Access: The memorial is located approximately 14 km from Turzovka, direction to Veľké Rovné, under the settlement Semeteš.


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