kronerThe childhood house of Jozef Króner, a significant Slovak actor and Oscar winner, is situated near the railway station in Staškov. Jozef Kroner was born in “vochterne”, a small railway guard house, to a family of railwayman on 20 March 1924. He died on 12 March 1998 in Bratislava.

He used to return to his birthplace often. Since 1971 an annual football tournament called “Kronerov pohár” (Kroner’s Cup) is organized in Staškov. In 2011 the Króner’s family house was opened for the public as a commemorative room. It displays the actor’s armchair, glasses, fishing boots, cup or Oscar statue he got for the movie OBCHOD NA KORZE (The Shop on Main Street)


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Access: by car, by bus, by train: next to the Staškov railway station