valy1Šance – Valy (Bulwarks – Ramparts) was a system of defence sites connected by ramparts with moats to help protecting Jablunkovský Defile against the Turkish threat. In the 17th century they were used to protect Silesia from rebellious Hungarian army invasions during the anti-Habsburg revolt.

Old bulwarks in cadastre of Svrčinovec were built probably before the end of the first half of the 16th century; however documents mention an “Alte Schatze” defence system appearing in 1578 for the first time. Later, two half-bastions on the south-eastern side were added to the defence system. Malé šance (Small Bulwarks) situated on the Valy Mountain by the village of Čierne were mentioned in 1644 for the first time and they were expanded in the same year. In 1663 a new fortification – Veľké šance (Big Bulwarks) or Jablunkovské Bulwarks – started to be built in the nearby village of Mosty. Later, the Big Bulwarks became a territorial fort with a permanent garrison. In the second half of the 17th century other forts were built, for example Hajducké Bulwarks on Studeničný Mountain in the village of Mosty u Jablunkova (the Czech Republic), Volské Bulwarks at Koniaków in village Istebná (Poland). They were usually square or star forts created with a soil rampart, dry moats and palisades. Single bulwarks were connected by small fortification elements – so-called redutas. Redutas were situated in Megoňky in the cadastre of Čadca or in Dolina in Mosty u Jablunkova for example. In 1765, when emperor Jozef II visited the Jablunkovské Bulwarks, some parts of the fortification were already ruined (Hajducké Bulwarks). Jablunkovské Bulwarks were definitely put out of operation as an obsolete defence system in 1848.

At present, only relics of the ramparts with the moat of Staré (Old) Bulwarks are preserved. The remains of the fortification system – approx. 2.5 km long soil rampart with redans and three square redutas have been preserved in Čierne. Malé (Small) Bulwarks with a star-shaped fortification and a moat are also visible. In both localities, archaeologists discovered many fragments of kitchen pottery, furnace tiles and pipes.



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Jablunkovské Bulwarks: from Čadca through Milošová to the state border on the Czech Republic.
Malé (Small) Bulwarks: from railway station in Čierne – following the blue tourist mark to Trojmedzie.