brest u papajiThe oldest Smooth-leaf Elm in central Europe, almost 500 years old, grows in the village of Makov, in settlement “U Papaji”. This specimen of Smooth-leaf Elm, Ulmus carpinifolia, is unique for its age and for its unusual robustness. The body circumference is 625 cm at 130 cm height and over 11 metres at the root. It is about 30 metres high. During extremely bad snowfall in 2005, some branches were damaged. In spring 2006 the tree was treated and its crown has been balanced out.

minerálny prameňThe Bukovský mineral spring was declared a natural monument in 1973. Originally it was springing in a forest above Bukovský brook, however after a road was built in the valley, the brook was redirected through a tube under the road and now water outflows from a stone wall directly to the brook. The spring was regulated in 2007.

chko-kysuce-203x180Established in 1984, the protected landscape area Kysuce has an area of 65,462 ha. It lies in the north-western part of Slovakia and consists of two independent parts: western Javorníky part and eastern Beskydy part.

milošová - gule 2Stone spheres can be found in local part Milošová, near the border on the village of Mosty u Jablunkova. Regular spheres with diameter 10 to 260 cm rolled out after excavation in a rock quarry which was producing rock to treat mountain brook channels in the 1980’s..


klokocovske skalieThe Klokočovské Rocks are a natural reservation. Interesting spherical sandstone objects are situated in the village of Klokočov. In 1935, two spherical conglomerates were transferred from a quarry and placed at the crossroads in Klokočov – a local part Hlavice and one of them was placed in Kornica, at František Šamaj.


ropnypramen02In addition to the stone spheres in Megoňky  and Klokočov, Kysuce features another European geological rarity – a naturally surfaced light crude spring with occasional discharge of self-igniting methane can be found on the east edge of the region and the nearby settlement of Muchovec in village Korňa.


Petránky  kópiaEven though lookout towers are not natural attractions, you can enjoy nature during a walk to a lookout tower. If the weather is good, all lookout towers offer exquisite views of the Kysuce nature. Lookout tower at Kamenité (834 metres above sea level) situated on the main ridge of Javorníky directly on a tourist trail, between Dlhá nad Kysucou and Dlhé Pole, was opened in 2005 as the first lookout tower. If weather conditions are good, it offers exquisite views of Beskydy Mountains, Malá Fatra Mountains and the Tatras as well.

Medvedia skalaThe natural reservation,Veľký Polom is situated in cadastre of the village of Raková, in the upper part of Veľký Polom (1,067 meters above sea level). In order to preserve the mountain spruce- fir-beech forest communities, the area of 46 ha became a natural reservation in 1993.

Javornicky hrebenThe educational trail Javorníky connects the Kysuce region with the Upper Váh River region (Horné Považie) and follows the Javorníky ridge from Makov to Žilina. In addition to such natural beauties you can find stone work made by human hands on this trail – a unique stone gallery in nature.