Medvedia skalaThe natural reservation,Veľký Polom is situated in cadastre of the village of Raková, in the upper part of Veľký Polom (1,067 meters above sea level). In order to preserve the mountain spruce- fir-beech forest communities, the area of 46 ha became a natural reservation in 1993.

Veľký Polom, its surroundings and hills are favourite hiking targets. The New Year’s Day rise to Veľký Polom is organised annually. Clay-stone and sandstone with various resiliencies alternate and create rock solitaires that have been well preserved until today. The biggest solitaire, as big as one-floor house, called Medvedia skala Rock is situated nearby Moravian–Slovakian border. A Cycling Trail of Solidarity begins in the centre of Raková, continues to Korcháň and leads around Medvedia skala Rock to a lookout tower Tetřev in the Czech Republic.

 From Raková - Korcháň following the blue mark, from recreational facility Korcháň by a forest trail towards the state border (30 minutes on feet)


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