Trojmedzie - malaTrojmedzie is a place where three countries meet – Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. It is a starting point of 541 km of Slovak-Polish border and 251 km of Slovak-Czech border.

In Trojmedzie you can experience a unique feeling of being in three countries at the same time. Trojmedzie point is located in 8-meter deep and 34-metre wide brook channel and it is the centre of a circle circumscribed by the vertices of an isosceles triangle. The triangle vertices are formed by 240 cm high granite monoliths..

The bases of the monoliths were built on 22 June 1995. Commemorative documents and items from the period include newspapers and coins stored in a metal box, which were built into the monoliths. A wooden bridge over the brook was built (a smaller monolith on the place of the “trojmedzie” point and it can be seen directly below the bridge) with stairs and an asphalt barrier-free pathway for cyclists, disabled people and mothers with carriages from the Polish side and with two gazebos with roof and a fireplace on the Czech and Slovak side. Friends regularly meet at Trojmedzie and various events are organized there, for example New Year’s Eve at Trojmedzie, hike Through Three European Countries, Sacramental Worship at Trojmedzie. 

Access: From the centre of Czech Hrčava follow the yellow mark for approx. 2 km, from the Polish Jaworzynky-Trzycatku follow the green mark for approx. 1 km, from the railway station “Čierne, station” in the Slovak village of Čierne follow the green tourist mark and then yellow.


 The bridge was in 2017 demoslihed. 


Street view - 2017:

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