brest u papajiThe oldest Smooth-leaf Elm in central Europe, almost 500 years old, grows in the village of Makov, in settlement “U Papaji”. This specimen of Smooth-leaf Elm, Ulmus carpinifolia, is unique for its age and for its unusual robustness. The body circumference is 625 cm at 130 cm height and over 11 metres at the root.

It is about 30 metres high. During extremely bad snowfall in 2005, some branches were damaged. In spring 2006 the tree was treated and its crown has been balanced out.

Access: In the village of Makov and on the way to Makov - Kopanice (turn left from the main road at Cottage Makov and go across the bridge), turn left at the first crossroads after the shop and continue for approximately 1.5 km.



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