prameň Kysuce  kópiaMakov – the western-most village of Kysuce lies in Javorníky Mountains, in the Turzovská vrchovina highlands. Makov was created after seven local villages united in 1895. The village has a mountainous character and excellent conditions for hiking and tourism.

The highest peak is Veľký Javorník (1,070 metres above sea level). The Kysuca River springs in Makov, in Nature Reservation Hričovec, under Hričovec Hill (1,062 metres above sea level). It has been speculated for quite a long period which of the three brooks in Makov is the main spring of the Kysuca River. The biggest or the main one springs above the settlement “U Jaši”. The river springs in altitude of 915 m. Twenty-seven rivers join the 66 km long Kysuca River from its spring to its confluence with the Váh River. Twenty-six fish species live in Kysuca River – e.g. Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Kessler's Gudgeon, Common Minnow, as well as European Crayfish, Wild Duck, White-throated Dipper and European Otter. You can taste the clean water from Javorníky Mountains directly from Kysuca River spring if you set off from Makov, from Pindula saddle following the tourist trail. It will take you less than half an hour (approx. 2km).

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