klokocovske skalieThe Klokočovské Rocks are a natural reservation. Interesting spherical sandstone objects are situated in the village of Klokočov.

In 1935, two spherical conglomerates were transferred from a quarry and placed at the crossroads in Klokočov – a local part Hlavice and one of them was placed in Kornica, at František Šamaj.

Other spherical objects are in the settlement of Klín near the river Predmieranka – probably from the opposite quarry. In addition to the geological importance of this area, the protection in this area also applies to the rich occurrence of protected deer fern - the symbol of the CHKO Kysuce thanks to its importance and decorativeness - and to other rare and endangered flora and fauna species.

Access: Take the blue-marked tourist trail that starts by the main road (in direction from Čadca to Klokočov) on the right hand side. The trail is rather steep but you will manage to arrive at the Klokočovské Rocks in 10-15 minutes.

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