velka racaNPR Veľký Javorník – protected area with occurrence of precious fauna and flora species.


NPR Veľká Rača – preserved remains of forest communities made of oak and spruce trees of original forest composition of Kysucké Beskydy Mountains with an area of 313 ha. Protected zone of the national nature reservation covers an area of 197 ha.

NPR Malý Polom – covers a part of southern and south-western slope of Malý Polom (1,061 metres above sea level) and major part of western and south-western slope of Čuboňov (1,013 metres above sea level). The longest stone edge of the sandstone and the conglomerate benches in Kysuce, which is approximately 600m long and 1 to 8 metres high lies in the reservation. The forests are acidophilus oak forests with occurrence of spruce and the remnants of peaty spruce forests with temporary peat bogs and mountain springs in non-limestone rocks.




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