Vojtovský minerálny prameň  2The springs are called after the place of their occurrence – all three of them are in the northern slope of the Vojtovský hill, which forms the southern border of Čadca town above the Rieka valley.

The trail to the springs is well marked. The first spring - Vajcovka is only 15 minutes from the terminal public bus station Čadca - Vojty. Follow the green marks from there. The main Vojtovský mineral spring is also called the “salty water” and it is approximately 1.2 km from the bus station. In 1973 it was declared a natural monument. It is a natural spring of sodium–carbonate water. Methane discharges regularly from the spring. The spring is regulated, covered with a roof and there are 4 benches in the surroundings. The third spring is not visited so often as the others. You can get to it from the second spring by marked trail.

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