velka racaNPR Veľký Javorník – protected area with occurrence of precious fauna and flora species.

prameň Kysuce  kópiaMakov – the western-most village of Kysuce lies in Javorníky Mountains, in the Turzovská vrchovina highlands. Makov was created after seven local villages united in 1895. The village has a mountainous character and excellent conditions for hiking and tourism.

vojtovsky-pramen-280x180National parks: 0. Protected Landscape Areas (CHKO) Kysuce (districts CA, KM) Protected Site Chmúra (CA) National Nature Reservations (NPR) Malý Polom (CA), Veľká Rača (CA)

Trojmedzie - malaTrojmedzie is a place where three countries meet – Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. It is a starting point of 541 km of Slovak-Polish border and 251 km of Slovak-Czech border. In Trojmedzie you can experience a unique feeling of being in three countries at the same time. Trojmedzie point is located in 8-meter deep and 34-metre wide brook channel and it is the centre of a circle circumscribed by the vertices of an isosceles triangle. The triangle vertices are formed by 240 cm high granite monoliths..


Vojtovský minerálny prameň  2The springs are called after the place of their occurrence – all three of them are in the northern slope of the Vojtovský hill, which forms the southern border of Čadca town above the Rieka valley.