segwayIf anyone tells you that he has ridden the 'Space rover " you will probably have a strong doubt about it. But everything is possible. Personal transporter, electronic vehicle, electromobile or Segway - these are all common terms for this method of transport of the 21st century.

The technology for today's Segway was developed with the participation of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). 

However, it is an American Dean Kamen who is considered to be the real inventor of Segway. Dean Kamen with help of his team developed the so-called. dynamic stabilization, which allows to copy the movement of the rider´s body by leaning forward and backward. Since its introduction to common users in 2001, this innovative technological invention has undergone various improvements. Since this summer you can try riding it also in Oščadnica.

How does Segway work? First of all, it should be understood that this is a vehicle that, in its nature, does not replace a car or a motorcycle or a bicycle. Segway has been developed to replace walking, so while riding this miracle you will still think and behave as a walker.

Segway has a special design that allows the user to stand and remain on the platform placed between two wheels without falling down, which is far beyond the laws of physics. The rider on the platform does not maintain balance, he only keeps standing. Maintaining balance is "in the hands" of the technological aspect of the vehicle.

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Riding Segway is an intuitive activity and the rider needs just a few minutes to get familiar with it. If you want to go forward, you should just tilt forward. While riding backwards, you just slightly lean backwards. Moving across to the right and left is done by turning the handlebars to the desired direction. Brake or gas is not needed; everything depends only on the reactions of the rider and on the centre of gravity of his body. Segway is powered by two batteries and it is charged by means of a power cord and a standard plug.

Seqway is mainly used in cities and on golf playgrounds, but it enjoys great popularity in various tourist facilities, because it can be great fun. In the Kysuce region, you can rent a Segway X2 in the boarding house Centrál in Oščadnica. The boarding house disposes of the segways with a carrying capacity of 118 kg suitable for riding in the hilly terrain, grassy areas and gravel paths. Maximum safety is guaranteed when the vehicle is used by children. In this unusual way, you can explore the natural landscapes of Oščadnica and enrich your stay or holiday by another great experience

Riding a Segway costs from 5€ to 130€ (from a 7 minute to the whole day long ride). The price involves the rent, a helmet and a short introductory training.

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