bezkarTrails (not treated mechanically):
1. To the peak of Veľká Rača along the ridge by the blue and the green tourist trail to the peak of Veľká Rača, 11 km, trail of medium difficulty that starts at the advertisement board of Oščadnica Píla –crossing, end on the peak of Veľká Rača (Polish cottage, lookout tower, cross).



2. By the yellow tourist trail to cottages, 8 km, trail of medium difficulty. Start in Šporcentrum – guesthouse Gájuz, up the old transportation road to ridge of Surovina– the blue tourist trail and then to the left along the ridge to Kalinov hill to cottages.


3. To the peak of Veľká Rača through Dedovka – by cableway to the ridge and then 3 km by the tourist trail to the peak, or 6 km by the yellow tourist trail – from the central advertisement board in Dedovka on the left, then around cottages and through the settlement of Zadedová to the chapel – join the green tourist trail and walk further through Javorina, Marguška to cottages. On the left along the ridge to the peak of Veľká Rača.


4. To the peak of Veľká Rača, 8 km by the green tourist trail - starting point in Polesie on the upper end of Oščadnica, go around the institute of Slniečko, through the settlement of Vojtuši, to the chapel in Zadedová, further by the green tourist trail through Javorina to Marguška to cottages at Rača – turn left and rise slightly to cableway. Continue along the ridge to the peak of Veľká Rača.


5. Cross-country skiing paradise - starting point at Lalíkovci through the settlement of Závozy (information board). Two circuits - 8 km red one, 9 km blue one.


6. Settlement Švancary, KLM B, 16 km – through the settlement of Švancary; then around the chapel and cottage “pod Lipou”. Follow the green tourist mark KLM B, turn right and continue to the Old sheep pen (Starý košiar), continue down to saddle Furmanec pod Moravským. Then rise slightly to a crossing of trails - Moravské and continue along the right contour line to Magura, then to the 1st diversion – then choose between the 2nd and the 3rd diversion.


7. Along the ridge by the red tourist mark - starting point at cottage Snežienka in Skalité - Serafínovo. From the cottage go to the right, rise to the ridge of Górka - Gomulka (Poland) and then along the ridge on the Slovak side. The ridge will take you under Skalanka and further to saddle Bor and to Vreščovské saddle. Continue to Moravské, Magura, around the 1st to the 3rd diversion, to Borsučia valley, then to Závozy, Laliky - BUS, SKIBUS.


8. Under the ridge of Kysucké Beskydy above Oščadnica - 20 km – from the settlement of Vreščovka – down to the bridge and then rise following the mark KLM DI to Vreščovské saddle. Then turn right to KLM-D and rise slightly. Continue around the memorial along the contour line to Moravské, Magura and then slightly down around the 1st diversion, continue around the 2nd and the 3rd diversion and then through the Borsučia valley to the gamekeeper's lodge in Tichá valley, then through settlement Závozy to the advertisement board in Lalikov.


9. Scenic trail above Oščadnica - 8 km – from the central advertisement board in Oščadnica square, follow the yellow local tourist mark to Zagrapa. Turn left and then rise to Dolné Kubuše and Horné Kubuše, continue to the ridge. Then turn right along the red tourist trail to Beskydok. Arrive at the green tourist trail and KLM-A and turn right. Take a moderate downhill to Drobiška and through meadows to settlement Švancari.