Sport facilities

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The municipal swimming pool is the right place for sports and relaxation in one place - swimming pool, gym, solarium, and sauna are available for all residents of Čadca, other municipalities and visitors to the region. The swimming pool organizes swimming courses and swimming schools.


Sports centre Oščadnica offers many fun and adrenaline activities with an option to rent mountain and road bikes, mountain and road scooters, mountain carts - tricycles, motorized quadricycles for both, children, and adults.

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Rodinka Resort is a sports and recreation complex located in the tourist centre Veľká Rača, approximately 300 m from the residential part of the village of Oščadnica. It is 7.3 km from the main road connection Žilina and Čadca.


The swimming pool in Čadca was built over the course of one year and opened to the public on July 1, 2017. The swimming pool has a swimming area and space for child attractions. The water in the pool is heated to approx. 28 °C.

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During the summer season, you can play Pétanque, Russian skittles, tennis in clay courts, badminton, miniature golf or you can drive a scooter or a four-wheeler.