adventure golf mala fotoRodinka Resort is a sports and recreation centre located in the tourist resort Veľká Rača, approximately 300 m distant from the residential area of Oščadnica. It is 7.3 km distant from the main road leading from Žilina to Čadca. The complex itself involves the cottages Kamilka and Michaela, a playground, a climbing wall, wellness and rental service. The centre has also introduced an absolute novelty - Adventure golf.



segwayIf anyone tells you that he has ridden the 'Space rover " you will probably have a strong doubt about it. But everything is possible. Personal transporter, electronic vehicle, electromobile or Segway - these are all common terms for this method of transport of the 21st century. The technology for today's Segway was developed with the participation of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). 

AJ KYSUCE MAJÚ SVOJ NAJTHE SHORTEST distance between Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland... in Trojmedzie, a point where you can hear three languages but still everybody understands you.
Being in three countries at the same time does not seem to be impossible anymore.
THE LONGEST bobsleigh track in Central Europe...
...has 1,300 metres and can reach 40 km/hour
At Veľká Rača in Oščadnica you will get chills also in summer.

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The View Towers of Kysuce rank among the most beautiful view towers in the Slovak and Czech Republic. The view tower above Zákopčie on the Marťak hill was built in the years 2009-2011 from natural materials such as wood and stone. It stands at the altitude of 854 above the sea level and provides a beautiful panoramic view of the near and remote mountains. You can see the queen of the Moravian-Silesian Besykdy – Mountain Lysá Hora, the highest peak of Kysuce- Veľká Rača Hill and majestic Rozsutec in the Lesser Fatra.

questingDiscovering the secrets of the past of Čadca (Spoznaj tajomstvá dávnej Čadce) is a questing trail, the only one of its kind in Slovakia. With a map in your hands and interesting texts about the history of Čadca that offer new historical and geographical information, you will look for treasure and find it at the end of the trail.

Husárik  2Kysuce is a region ideal for active relaxation – whether hiking and cycling suitable for both, adults and kids, sporting activities or various adrenaline attractions. Kysuce is a unique place for discovering and getting to know natural beauties, sights and attractions. Whether on bicycle, on foot with a backpack, by car or by bus, visit the region called after the river Kysuca hidden amidst the mountains of Javorníky and Kysucké Beskydy.

Snowparadise -kolobezky

You can spend a nice summer holiday at Veľká Rača. Whether you only plan to relax and to recharge your energy in stunning nature of Kysuce or you are an active mountain hiking or cycling lover, you can enjoy the kilometres of picturesque trails throughout the whole Oščadnica. Adrenaline downhill cycling trails for all enthusiasts are available directly at the centre.


discgolf - ikonaDoes not matter that you are not a professional disc golf player, you will certainly have fun playing disc golf with your family and friends. Simple rules are easy to learn and then you can enjoy the game. It is ideal for children, too, since it requires little movement outdoors, in fresh air. Adults can take the game seriously and compete against each other to become a “disc golf champion”.



Kronerov domThe educational trail of Jozefa Kroner is situated in village Staškov, 7 km from the district town Čadca. It begins at the municipal authority (there you can park your car), goes along Kysuca river and over a footbridge to the house of Jozef Kroner. If you arrive by bus or by train, take it to Staškov, railway station.