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Kysuce. A well-known place for some of us and an undiscovered corner of Slovakia for the others. You might primarily associate it with a notoriously known locations such as the open-air museum in Vychylovka, the Slovak Astronomic Clock, Veľka Rača peak or the Javorníky mountain range.


The swimming pool in Čadca was built over the course of one year and opened to the public on July 1, 2017. The swimming pool has a swimming area and space for child attractions. The water in the pool is heated to approx. 28 °C.

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Veľká Rača is the right place to enjoy your vacation throughout the whole year. Various social events are held at the resort during the winter and summer seasons.

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Looking at the world from above, we get a completely different perspective. Having wings and flying like a bird is not just a child dream. Adults would like to fly over the landscape and admire its beauty as well. The Region of Kysuce has a lot to show you and leave you breathless.

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Rodinka Resort is a sports and recreation centre located in the tourist resort Veľká Rača, approximately 300 m distant from the residential area of Oščadnica. It is 7.3 km distant from the main road leading from Žilina to Čadca.

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Traditional and historical, peaceful, and humble, and above all rich in natural beauty and attractiveness, this is the region of Kysuce. Everyone will find something here, whether they are looking for relaxation or just want to experience more adrenaline activities.

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Kysuce is a region ideal for active relaxation – whether hiking and cycling suitable for both, adults and kids, sporting activities or various adrenaline attractions.


THE SHORTEST distance between Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland... is in Trojmedzie, a point where you can hear three languages but still everybody understands you.
Being in three countries at the same time does not seem to be impossible anymore.


Športcentrum Oščadnica is a sports centre offering various fun and adrenaline activities and a possibility to rent mountain or road bicycles, mountain and road scooters, mountain carts – three-wheelers, motor four-wheelers for kids and for adults.