TOP KysuceKysuce. A well-known place for some of us and an undiscovered corner of Slovakia for the others. You might primarily associate it with a notoriously known locations such as the open-air museum in Vychylovka, the Slovak Astronomic Clock, Veľka Rača peak or the Javorníky mountain range.

However, there is much more to be found in Kysuce.

Viewing towers

If the weather permits, numerous viewing towers scattered around the region offer fascinating panoramic views of the area. On the ridge of the Javorník range, you can find the lookout point Stratenec accessible from the Makov Kasárne recreation area, the Mikovčák´s viewing tower on Kamenité and the viewing tower on the Marťak hill above the Petránky settlement. The lookout point on the peak of Veľká Rača, the lookout point Bobovec in Stará Bystrica and the Tábor lookout point above Kysucké Nové Mesto rank among popular tourist destinations. In recent years, viewing towers have been built in the cadastre of Zborov nad Bystricou, above the town of Krásno nad Kysucou, and two of them have grown up in Oščadnica - Dedovka and under the Kalina hill and in Nová Bystrica. 


Natural beauties

The rural character of the landscape opens the way to natural beauties and even world unique places. These certainly include the stone spheres in Milošová, Čadca, the Klokočov rocks and the oil spring in the municipality of Korňa. While roaming in the region, you can come across innumerable water springs. The spring of the river Kysuca in Makov is the most famous of them. Mineral springs can be found in Čadca (three springs in the part of Vojty and one spring in the location of Bukov). A tri-border point between Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland ranks among the local places of interest, as well.

Sacral monuments

Belief in God is what has accompanied the locals since time immemorial. Up to nowadays, countless chapels, roadside crosses and churches stand here, in each of the Kysuce settlement, as witnesses of the past. The most famous pilgrim site in Kysuce called Živčáková still welcomes the believers coming here with their prayers. You can admire the recently refurbished chapels in Oščadnica (e.g., Chapels near the settlements of Haladej, Zadedová, Vreščovka, Nad Kalváriou). You can visit beautiful chapels in Staškov - Jelitov and in Olešná - Olešňanský Klin (on the Murínkov hill). The stations of the cross in Svrčinovec and Oščadnica are worth mentioning. In addition to their spiritual value and dimension, these places are a suitable destination for family hikes and trips.


The culture - loving visitors of Kysuce are strongly recommended to see the exhibitions of the Kysuce Museum in Čadca (in Čadca, Krásno nad Kysucou, Radoľa and in Nová Bystrica – Vychylovka) as well as the Kysuce Gallery in Oščadnica placed in a manor house and in the Gallery in Čadca. The usual services of the modern library in Čadca are accompanied by a variety of cultural events for children and adults. The fans of the legendary actor awarded an Oscar, Jozef Króner will find the fragments of his early life in his native house in Staškov. The Memorial Room of E. A. Cernan, the last man stepping on the moon, is located in the native village of his grandparents - Vysoká nad Kysucou..

Sport and adrenaline activities

In the hot summer season, a day at the swimming pool in Čadca can be a refreshing one. To enjoy sports and fun together, you should go to the Snowparadise resort in Oščadnica which disposes of the longest bobsleigh track in Central Europe. A mini golf pitch at Rodinka Resort and Športcentrum Oščadnica will amuse the whole of your family. The Sports and Recreation Area in Turzovka covers various sports as well. During the winter months, cross-country skiing in the Javorníky range and skiing in the Snowparadise Veľká Rača Oščadnica, SKI Makov and Športcentrum Oščadnica centers are a must when visiting Kysuce.

Accommodation and catering
We recommend the member facilities of the Kysuce Tourist Organization:


Trhacia mapa

The map can be picked up FREE of charge in a printed version at information offices in the region and from partners published in its lower part (logos of municipalities and business entities). The printing and graphic processing of the map is financed by a grant from the Ministry of Transport and Construction of the Slovak Republic.

Source: processing of text materials and information from websites

Author: Emília Maloušová



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