Husárik  2Kysuce is a region ideal for active relaxation – whether hiking and cycling suitable for both, adults and kids, sporting activities or various adrenaline attractions. Kysuce is a unique place for discovering and getting to know natural beauties, sights and attractions. Whether on bicycle, on foot with a backpack, by car or by bus, visit the region called after the river Kysuca hidden amidst the mountains of Javorníky and Kysucké Beskydy.

We invite you to the region of tinkers, rounded hills, enchanted retreats and mountain chapels.


Below you can find tips for interesting places, activities and THE BEST of Kysuce, which you can combine as you wish.

THE LONGEST bob-sleigh track in Central Europe is 1,300 m long and can reach 40 km/hour. You cannot exclude SNOWPARADISE Veľká Rača Oščadnica from your tourist list. Attractions for children, adrenaline fun and interesting events – everything situated amidst stunning Kysuce nature – that is something that will bring unforgettable experience whole year round to you.



1st – 2nd day: Oščadnica


Accommodation tip in Oščadnica: Guest house Centrál (

Information: Infocentrum RačaTik, Námestie M. Bernáta 1797, 023 01 Oščadnica, +421 /0/ 41 4382 101,, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


THE MOST FAMOUS Slovak actor was born in Staškov, where you can visit his childhood house.
Jozef Kroner is the only Slovak who got an Oscar for the movie “Obchod na Korze” (The Shop on Main Road). A guide in the house will tell you more about this movie and about the theatre legend as well.

Dom Jozefa Kronera

3rd day: Oščadnica – Raková – Staškov – Klokočov



  • Childhood house of Ján Palárik, a square in front of the Church with a children’s playground 
  • Medvedia skála Rock - a stone wall in local part Korcháň, in direction to Veľký Polom
  • Cycling trail of solidarity – a 12 km long trail from Raková to the border on the Czech Republic - Veľký Polom,
  • Stork nest – at the Church



  • Childhood house of Jozef Kroner
  • Educational trail of Jozef Kroner (16 km)
  • Park of John Paul II and Mother Theresa with their sculpture
  • Chapel of St. Anna in Jelitov and Chapel of Virgin Mary at Grúň (across the railway crossing in direction to Olešná)



THE OLDEST smooth-leaf elm in Central Europe in almost 500 years old. Makov is a tourism centre offering numerous active relax and hiking possibilities. The unique tree - elm older than the district town Čadca - grows in the local part “u Papaji”. The tree is easily accessible on foot, by bicycle and by car. You can relax on a bench hidden in the shade of the elm crown.



4th day: Klokočov – Turzovka – Makov


  • Pilgrimage site Živčáková (accessible from Turzovka and Korňa)
  • Pedestrian zone with works of art where you can relax
  • Sporting and relaxation facility Rybníky (behind a turn to Korňa)
  • TIP: Mint an Uhorčík’s ducat for luck in the International Information Centre in Turzovka


Accomodation tip: Apartment house SKI APARTMÁNY MAKOV (
Information: Medzinárodné informačné centrum in Turzovka, Jašíkova 179, 023 54 Turzovka, +421(0)41 43 53 806, fax: 041 43 53 808, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view


THE MOST INTERESTING gallery in nature. Javornícky chodník will please you with marvellous views and lookouts, and with works of art as well. Interesting statues that fit in the natural environment are placed on the ridge of Javorníky. The main trail of Javorníky - from Čadca to Makov - has more than 50 km. Families with children can choose a shorter part of the trail, e.g. from Vysoká nad Kysucou - Semeteš (you can take a bus to get there) to Vrchrieka in Vysoká nad Kysucou and then down to the main road and to the centre of the village.

Dolmen zivota a smrti


5th day: Makov - Vysoká nad Kysucou – Turzovka- Čadca


Vysoká nad Kysucou

  • Memorial room of E. A. Cernan – the latest man on the Moon
  • Hiking and cycling to Vrchrieka (settlement connected with tinker tradition)


THE MOST MYSTERIOUS stones have a shape of a sphere and the biggest one has 260 cm in diameter.
Geological areas Klokočovské skálie Rocks and Milošová - Megoňky are the world rarities. You will come to Klokočovské skálie Rocks after a nice walk through a forest, which is also suitable for younger children. Mysterious stone spheres in Milošová – Megoňky (terminal bus station) can be found in a quarry and in the surroundings of the quarry.

 Klokocovske skalie


Accomodation tip in Čadca: Hotel Centrum, Guest house  Domes (
Information: Informačné centrum mesta Čadca, Námestie slobody 30, Čadca 022 01
+ 421 (0)41 76 300 14, +421 915 822 646, Fax: 041/76 300 14, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


THE SHORTEST distance between Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland is in Trojmedzie, a point where you can hear three languages but still everybody understands you.
Being in three countries at the same time does not seem to be impossible anymore. Access: by car (from Hrčava and Javorzynky), by bicycle and on foot (from Hrčava, Javorzynky, Čierne). There are open fireplaces and various events are held there throughout the year.



6th day: Čadca – Čierne- Skalité


  • Trojmedzie
  • Memorial room – objects depicting the culture and traditions of Kysuce (in the library)
  • Bulwarks – Ramparts (Šance-Valy) – system of ramparts and fortification from the 16th century
  • Kysuce artery – cycling and hiking trail in the summer season and cross-country skiing trail in the winter season.



Accomodiation and refreshments tip in Skalité : Guest house Cechospol (

7th day: Krásno nad Kysucou – Stará Bystrica – Nová Bystrica

  • Slovak horologe
  • Open-air museum in Vychylovka – Kysuce – Orava forest railway
  • Bystrica cycling artery

We are looking forward to your visit!