discgolf - ikonaDoes not matter that you are not a professional disc golf player, you will certainly have fun playing disc golf with your family and friends. Simple rules are easy to learn and then you can enjoy the game. It is ideal for children, too, since it requires little movement outdoors, in fresh air. Adults can take the game seriously and compete against each other to become a “disc golf champion”.



Disc golf course in Makov is the first one in Slovakia. There are 9 holes and 5 baskets on a steep slope. The course in Makov is operated by Ski Apartmány Makov, where you can rent discs at the reception. (www.makovapartmany.sk)








What is disc golf?
Disc golf is the most popular flying disc game, in which individual players try to traverse a course in the fewest number of throws of the disc. A special basket is the target.

The disc is thrown from a designated area (tee off) into a basket, which is 50-150m far and various impeding obstacles (trees, bushes, pool, brook, slopes) has to be overcome. The winner is the person who manages to finish all the 9 and 18 “holes” in fewest throws, while:

  • Par – a hole in three throws
  • Birdie – a hole in two throws
  • Bogey – a hole in four throws
  • Double bogey – a hole in five throws
  • Hole in one or Ace – a hole in one throw

The discs differ from the common Frisbees in size (only 20-22 cm in diameter). There is a wide variety of discs used in disc golf. The basic classification of discs according to the length of fly is as follows:

  • Driver – used in particular for the longest throws from the tee off,
  • Mid-Range – for medium distances,
  • Approach – for short controlled shots close to the basket,
  • Putter – for ultimate throws into the basket.

Source: www.szf.sk