Kronerov domThe educational trail of Jozefa Kroner is situated in village Staškov, 7 km from the district town Čadca. It begins at the municipal authority (there you can park your car), goes along Kysuca river and over a footbridge to the house of Jozef Kroner. If you arrive by bus or by train, take it to Staškov, railway station.


You will identify the childhood house at the first sight – it is situated behind the railway track, next to the railway station. Have a break and let yourself draw into the guide’s narration about a life of the movie and theatre legend. The exhibits include the actor’s armchair, glasses, fishing boots, cup and Oscar statue for the movie Obchod na Korze (The Shop on Main Street), which he received as the only Slovak. The admission fee is optional.
Behind the house there are wooden statues with motifs from movies and plays, in which Jozef Kroner played.

The Kroner’s house is a starting point of an educational trail that goes through meadows and forest to chapels in Jelitov (9 km; you can return by bus to Staškov or to Čadca and Turzovka), and on Murínkov hill (Chapel in Klin, 16 km). On the way you will find Second World War bunkers, a wooden cross where you can have a rest, make a picnic and enjoy the beautiful views of the surroundings.
The educational trail ends on the border of village Staškov and the Czech village Horní Lomná. You will find educational boards, resting places and guideposts along the well marked educational trail. A spring with potable water is before the terminal stop of the 16km long trail.
The educational trail is designed for hiking or mountain cycling.



In Staškov (next to the church) you can see a unique statue of John Paul II and Mother Theresa. It is a very congenial place not only for spiritual meditations.



Photogallery of walkway: