SportcentrumŠportcentrum Oščadnica is a sports centre offering various fun and adrenaline activities and a possibility to rent mountain or road bicycles, mountain and road scooters, mountain carts – three-wheelers, motor four-wheelers for kids and for adults.

You can hire an instructor, who will show you the most beautiful parts of the village on a four-wheeler.

In the evening you can sit by a campfire and cook goulash, barbecue sausages, bake “živánska” (mixture of meat and vegetable baked in a foil), roast a pig or prepare other specialties with your friends.

The biggest free children fairground in Kysuce with many attractions is designed for kids from 3 to 14 years of age. Children can try riding wheeled animals, play funny slot machines, play sport or ball games in the centre. Športcentrum is an ideal place for a family holiday and for school stays.
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