cadca-pesia-zonaČadca lies in the north-western part of Slovakia. It is the centre of the Kysuce region. It lies near the border of the Czech Republic and Poland and therefore Čadca is the north-western gate to Slovakia. It has more than 25,000 inhabitants. The first written reference about the town comes from 1565. In 1778, Queen Maria Theresa promoted the settlement Čadca to a town.

Number of inhabitants: 25,332
Population density: 446 inhabitants/ km2


Čadca was established gradually, by natural development of small settlements, namely during the Wallachian settlement, which was the most intense in the 16th century. Wallachians were coming to Kysuce from the north and from the east in the beginning, later they were invited by lords as a source of new income.

Tourist attractions:

Eminent natives:
Anna Ličková – naïve painter; Bazilides Štefan – one of the founders and members of the Slovak Learned Society (Slovenské učené tovarišstvo), Janota Ľudovít – historian, conservationist; Jurga František – university teacher, mathematician; Kállay Karol – photographer, designer; Matter Rudolf – communal politician, regional historian, forest expert; Polák Milan – politician, founder of Strana slovenskej obrody (Slovak Revival Party); Špaldoň Milan – professor, scientist, agricultural expert; Vrteľ Albín – university teacher, violin player; Žilinčík Tomáš – actor

Memorial of Slovak National Council 1848, Town house building, Parish church from 1734 with a picture by J.B. Klemens on a baroque altar

Interesting natural places:
Stone spheres in Milošová – Megoňky, the Bukovský and Vojtovský mineral springs
Accommodation: Hotel Centrum, Guest house DOMES
Biggest events: New Year’s concert; Magnificat – sacral song festival, Etnofilm Čadca, Rock festival Revival Night, Bartholomew’s feast market, Kysuce marathon