Čierne 6Čierne lies in north-western Slovakia, in the Kysuce region. Three countries– Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia - meet in the territory of the village. The meeting point is called Trojmedzie.

A wooden bridge connecting the Slovak Republic with Poland was built over the ravine in 2007. The self-governments of villages lying near the border gradually created tourism infrastructure in this locality. Trojmedzie is visited by tourists all year round and several nice international events are held there. Among the popular ones are: Maypole Erecting, International Children Camp, Goral Marathon, Mass by Bishops from 3 countries, Tourist Wandering over 3 Countries and New Year’s Eve at Trojmedzie – welcoming the new year.

The village plans to join Trojmedzie with the Czech Republic by one road and with Poland by another road during the construction of the Slovak Republic–Poland D3 highway. Tourists from the Czech Republic and Poland will be then able to reach the village from Trojmedzie easily and they will be able to become familiar with Slovak culture, habits, traditions and the stunning nature of the village and of the whole of Slovakia as well.

Number of inhabitants: 4,370
Area: 20.65 km2
Population density: 211 inhabitants/ km2

The most important information about the establishment of the village comes from 1690. In a land register of the Budatín estate the following is written about the village Čierne: “Anno 1645, when the village started to be built”. According to the chronicler, the territory of Čierne (which means “Black”) was covered with thick, dark, black forest before the village started to be built there and the village was later called after the forest. On the other hand, folk tradition says that on the upper end of the village there was black, peaty soil and the village was named after it. Another source says that the name Čierne comes from the old word “crn” that used to refer to barren areas under the boscage right below the mountain peak. “Crné miesto” meaning a “black place” was later changed to the current name of the village – Čierne. River Čierňanka flows through the village.


Eminent natives:
Alojz Strýček – professor, translator, missionary; Pavol Moravec – priest; Doc. Ing. Alojz Gomola, CSc. – university teacher; colonel plk. MUDr. Jozef Cyprich, CSc. – doctor; gen. mjr. Ing. Milan Stráňava - general


  • Parish church of Ignatius of Loyola
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul
  • Chapel of St. Joseph at Zágrunie
  • Moravský family tomb
  • Cross “u Širanca”, Cross “u Staša”
  • Memorial of the Victims of the World War I
  • Memorial of the Victims of the World War II
  • Valy – Šance (Ramparts – Bulwarks)

Sport and recreation possibilities:
Guest house Magistrál – accommodation
Multifunctional playing areas
International Trail of Health – regulated running trail with an overall length 45 km that goes through villages Skalité, Čierne and Svrčinovec

The biggest events:
Erecting of Maypoles at Trojmedzie, Goral marathon, Feast, International children summer camp, International Mass at Trojmedzie, Tourist wandering through three countries, New Year’s Eve at Trojmedzie