makov-01Makov lies in the foothills, in a valley between the Javorníky Mountains (with the highest peak Veľký Javorník 1,070 metres above sea level) and the Kysucké Beskydy mountains. On the west it borders on the Czech Republic. The River Kysuca, after which the whole region is called, springs there. There are 2 protected areas and several unique trees in the territory.


Number of inhabitants: 1,847
Population density: 40 inhabitants/ km2

The village was created after parts of seven villages joined in 1895. At the turn of the 17th and the 18th centuries, a settlement Viszoka – Makov started to form. It was mentioned for the first time in 1720.
Attractions for visitors:

Eminent natives:
Ján Gotčár (Gočár) - important nationalist, co-founder of Matica slovenská; Rudolf Matter – the first elected mayor of Makov; Ján Lendvai – university professor in Debrecín; Pavol Bilík – military captain executed by the Nazis in Kežmarok

Parish church, currently the church of St. Peter and Paul built 200 years ago
Memorial of the 1st Czechoslovak Brigade of Ján Žižka in local part “U Tabuli”
Chapels Lovasi, U Vavricov, Na Kmínku and Na Kršlisku

Interesting nature places:
Elm tree “U Papají” – the oldest one in Central Europe, 500-years old
Oaks at Trojačka – 150-year old trees
Linden trees “U Beloni” – National nature reserve Veľký Javorník
Nature reserve Hričovec; springs of Kysuca river
Nature reserve Hričovec with remains of the original primeval forest
National nature reserve Veľký Javorník

Sport and recreation possibilities:
Kasárne – recreational and ski centre in a distant part of the village with many accommodation facilities of various standards, SKI Makov – ski centre
SKI APARTMÁNY MAKOV – disc golf, Bumbálka – tourism centre 

The biggest events:
Peter and Paul’s feast (Petro-pavlovské hody), Makoffest (summer music festival)


List of tourism facilities in the village:  Register_zariadení_cestovného_ruchu_v_obci_Makov_.pdf