oscadnica-uvOščadnica is one of the most important centres of summer and winter tourism in Slovakia, situated under the massif of Veľká Rača (1,236 metres above sea level) – the highest peak of the Kysuce region. Calvary with a stone church overlooking the centre of the village and the Oščadnica manor house - a seat of the Kysucká Gallery - are the most interesting places in the village.

Number of inhabitants: 5,705
Population density: 97 inhabitants/ km2

The village was mentioned for the first time in 1579, in a letter by the Earl of Budatín to the Duchess of Tešín.
Today, Oščadnica is a popular place for tourists. It offers numerous winter and summer sport possibilities and attractions and it is the biggest tourism centre in Kysuce. Oščadnica maintains its charm through various types of land settled and cultivated by settlers (chotáre, zárubky, šacúnky or pľace) and by the original folk architecture in spite of the ski centres and in cooperation with them. The small church of Virgin Mary of Severn Sorrows on Calvary is a remarkable sacral building. Calvary in Oščadnica is the only one of its kind in Kysuce. It was built by the village inhabitants in gratitude for protection during the World War II.

Attractions for visitors:
Eminent natives:

  • Martin Bernát – chief notary in Oščadnica; Havlíček J. Vincenc – theologian, writer; Lendvai-Lušňák Ján – natural scientist, theologian
  • Monuments:
  • Manor house in Oščadnica, Church above Calvary, Calvary in Oščadnica

Interesting nature places:

  • Lurdská cave in Oščadnica
  • Sport and recreation possibilities:
  • Róbert Kopera – ROKO – guest house; Športcentrum Oščadnica, s.r.o. – sport centre