skalite-uvSkalité lies on the Slovak–Polish border, several kilometres from Trojmedzie – the place where three countries meet (Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland). It is a stunning Goral village with preserved folk elements – dialect, folk costume and architecture. A spectacular Goral fest is held in the village every year in June.

Number of inhabitants: 5,214
Population density: 157 inhabitants/ km2


The village was mentioned for the first time on 25 July 1641 in a Latin document attached to a letter by Elizabeth Lukrecia to Gaspar Szunyogh, where liege people from village Skalité were among witnesses in a dispute between shepherds of the Tešín and Budatín estates.

Attractions for visitors:
Eminent natives:
Peter Černo – priest; Dominik Choluj – teacher, publicist, public official; Michal Choluj – diplomat, translator; Jozef Potočár – teacher, conductor; Jozef Randík – priest

  • Church of St. John the Baptist
  • Chapel of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross at Kudlovo
  • Calvary of Virgin Mary of seven Sorrows
  • Brick Chapels at “U Šimurdy”, “U Varmusa na Serafínove”
  • Sport and recreation possibilities: Cechospol, s.r.o. - accommodation
  • The biggest events: Goral Festival, Pilgrimage to Virgin Mary of Seven Sorrows
  • Choir ensemble parade “Marian Song” (“Mariánska pieseň”)