staskov-uvStaškov lies in north-western Slovakia in the Upper Kysuce region. The River Kysuca flows through the village. It was settled during the colonisation in the middle of the 17th century.

Today, Staškov is a popular sports centre, or, better said, a social-sports centre, because the Króner’s Cup Football Tournament is not a mere sporting event. The Króner’s Cup, which has a long tradition, was named after a famous Staškov native, a Slovak actor; Jozef Króner. His daughter and his nephew, Zuzana Krónerová and Ján Króner, both actors, attend the annual Króner’s cup held in July in honour of the late actor. The tournament lasts one day and is accompanied by various folk attractions. Staškov is surrounded by stunning natural forests which lure tourists and cyclists and cross-country skiers to conquer the rounded ridges.


Number of inhabitants: 2,751
Population density: 122 inhabitants/ km2


Attractions for visitors:
Childhood house of Jozef Króner:

The main tourist attraction of Staškov is the childhood house of Jozef Króner, which features an exhibition of his personal things. The house is nearby the railway station.

Parish church:

The dominant building of the village – the Parish Church of the Visit of Elisabeth – is a neo-gothic building from 1876. A picture by the Slovak painter Jozef Božetech Klemens from 1875 is placed in the middle of the altar.
Chapel of St. Anna:
Believers and pilgrims from near and far come to the Chapel of St. Anna in the local part of Jelitov for a pilgrimage held every year on St. Anna’s day. A unique bronze statue of John Paul II and Mother Theresa is situated in front of the Church. The statute is slightly above life-size and it is surrounded by a park called the Park of John Paul II and Mother Theresa.

Eminent natives:
Jozef Króner (actor); Zuzana Vaňousová (naïve artist – painter); Elena Holičková (opera singer);
Peter Galvánek (academic painter); Vladislav Šupola (woodcarver)

Interesting nature places:
Robust linden tree in the centre of the village with a stem circumference of 390 cm and with interesting branching
Monuments: bronze statue of John Paul II and Mother Theresa in a park, a chapel in Jelitov with Marian Calvary, trenches from World War II
The biggest events:
Króner’s Cup Football Tournament (second Sunday in July), premiere stage plays by amateur drama ensembles