vysoka-01Vysoká nad Kysucou is a typical village with secluded settlements and places (“pľac”) scattered in picturesque nature, suitable for a very peaceful holiday. It lies in upper Kysuce. It is known for its tinker tradition.

Number of inhabitants: 2,848
Population density: 65 inhabitants/ km2

Vysoká nad Kysucou was established in the second decade of the 17th century in Bytča estate. The first written reference mentions “Vyszoká” village in 1619. It was created during settlement of the secluded areas of upper Kysuce region.

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Attractions for visitors:
Eminent natives: Miroslav Cipár, academic painter; E. A. Cernan, American astronaut


  • Parish Church of St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist – baroque church from 1782
  • Memorial of Victims of the Semeteš Tragedy in the settlement Semeteš
  • Fountain as an honour to tinkers
  • Jewish Cemetery
  • Trenches from the World War II