Settlements, villages

osada kycera

The settlement is approximately 4 km distant from the centre of Čadca. You can reach the place on foot or by bike from a housing estate Žarec in Čadca along the so-called Žarec road, and by car through the local part of Vojty (you have to turn left at Beľajka).

The settlement on the south face of a plateau in the middle of a hill. Papík Hill in the north side protects the settlement from harsh weather.


The settlement of Muchovci is a small, inconspicuous hamlet extending just a short distance above the edge of the village of Korňa. There are only a few cottages (mostly wooden buildings) and you would think the hamlet is just like the other countless settlements of this kind.

osada u lastovicov krasno

The three hamlets in Krásno are regarded as the most interesting settlements in the municipality and within the wide area. The guidebook on the local places of interest has denoted the settlement U Lastovicov "the most romantic settlement" and the designation is a rightfully deserved one.

kostol riecnica

In conclusion, I would like to draw your attention to an exceptionally interesting place, which is not a settlement, but its riveting predetermines it as an attractive tourist destination. We are talking about two currently defunct settlement, as well as about the water reservoir and its surrounding areas.

osada husarik cadca kysuce

The very first building in the settlement U Husárikov was a chapel built above the village by its founder Pavol Harvaník in 1869. The chapel is currently included in the list of cultural monuments.

megonky milosova cadca

The settlement of Megoňky, located in the cadastre of Čadca Milošová, can boast of a natural rarity hardly possible to spot anywhere else.

osada u papaji mkov

The settlement Papajovci in Makov is located only a few tens of meters from the main road in a part called Čierne. It is right here, at a relatively high altitude, that you can sit and rest under the crown of the massive cypress elm.

semetes osada

The saddleback Semeteš where the main road from Kysuce (Turzovka) to Považie (to Veľké Rovné) passes, hides a picturesque settlement bearing the same name – Semeteš that makes an integral part of the municipality of Vysoká nad Kysucou. This settlement is an appealing tourist destination and a sad testimony of the tragic history of the area.

Makov - Kasárne

The settlement is now used only for recreational purposes. Thanks to its altitude, it provides its visitors with summer and winter sport activities, relaxation in nature and unforgettable experiences.


Several names have been used for this settlement throughout its history. The maps use the designation Brýzgalky and the inhabitants use Brízgalky mean that it could originally have been Priskalky as the settlement of shepherds´ dwellings is located below Skalka (also called Pri Skalke in the maps).

osada drahosanka cadca

Drahošanka is one of the local parts extending above the town and offering charming views. The place is suitable for a hiking or cycling trip - as a destination or a starting point for other routes.

osada u haladeji oscadnica

The settlement U Haladeji is on a hill above the area of Lalíky, not far from the lower station of the ski lift (refreshments). You can make a short hike from the parking lot among original wooden houses and enjoy the panorama views to finally reach the chapel.

osada beskydok

The settlement lies in the saddle between Javorské and Liesková hills. It includes several cottages with red roofs and wooden fences in the middle of meadows and pastures full of grazing sheep.

osada hlinene turzovka

One of the settlements of the Turzovka county, Hlinené, is located below the peak of Hlinené in the local part with the same name. It is a typical settlement reminiscent of Wallachian settlement in the history of our region.

osada na michalke staskov

The settlement is located directly on the ridge below the Murgaška (617) and Bahaňa (827) hills, with nice wooden houses, meadows, and views of Raková and the town of Čadca.

u sulcov osada korna

An old windmill - an unusual technical attraction considered to be the unique of Kysuse is standing in the settlement U Šulcov. The spot is in the difficult-to-access terrain approximately 3.5 km from the village centre.

osada klin olesna

The settlement of Klin in Olešná – the local part of Burkov vrch – is located below the majestic Murinkov peak on the Slovak-Moravian border.

osada jelitov staskov

At the occasion of the feast of St. Anna, hundreds of believers make a traditional pilgrimage to the chapel in Jelitov, an oasis of silence and peace for all of them contemplating in the middle of a spruce forest near a spring of healing water. The chapel is built just a short distance from the road leading from Staškov to Klokočov.

osada vrchrieka vysoka nad kysucou

Vrchrieka is a settlement rightfully named a "tinsmith village". You will find several wooden houses with yards, all of them nicely maintained and preserved in a cottage style.

osada u janotov krasno

The settlement U Jantov in the middle of the Javorníky highlands has a rich history and is sought after cottage keepers. The settlement gathers original wooden houses, residential houses, and farm buildings.

stanickovci zakopcie

The hamlets can be found in the municipality of Zákopčie, part U Polievkov. They are built just under Jakubovský hill in the Javorníky.

martakovci osada

The mountain settlement of Petránky is located on the route of the Javorníky trail which leads along the Javorník ridge from Makov to Čadca, above the village of Zákopčie. We can get there through the settlements of Trnkovci and Marťákovci.

zivcakova korna

The Hill Živčáková is surrounded by a spruce forest, where several paths have been created to access the top of the hill. It is possible to get there from the village of Korňa by an asphalt forest road suitable for pedestrians and motor vehicles. Wooden posts of the Way of the Cross are placed along the road.

biely kriz klokocov

This settlement, located directly on the border with the Czech Republic (the village of Staré Hámry), is steeped in many legends.

hruby buk klokocov

The village of Klokočov is reputed due to the unique geological phenomenon occurring in the Klokočov Rocks nature reserve.

u jarosov olesna

The settlement Na Dolines is located in the second separate part of Olešná village called Burkov Hill.

osada petrova rakova

The settlement of Petrová hides a dramatic story that took place at the end of World War II in 1945.

osada kukolanka rakova

The settlement of Kukoľanka in the local part of Korcháň, located on the red marked tourist path, can be proud of a new bell tower built in 2013. The bell in the tower dates to the period from after the First World War.

osada serafinov

The local part of Skalité Serafínov, directly adjacent to Poland, is a village with an appealing history.

osada zatoka vysoka nad kysucou

The local part of Zátoka 10km distant from the village centre, is the remotest part of the municipality Vysoká nad Kysucou.

osada u krali cadca

The settlement U Králi is the final stop of public transport to Čadečka. The place is unique by its position in the middle of the hills which are divided by the Čadečanka river valley while its left-hand tributary flows into the Čadečanka river precisely at the point U Králi.

cierne zagrunie osada1

When introducing the next settlement, I decided to combine two settlements into one common destination.

korna slezakovci osada

If you wish to admire the graceful architecture of wooden houses together with the most beautiful view of the Beskydy Mountains, you are recommend to pop in the village of Slezákovci, one of the highest placed villages of the Korňa municipality.

greguse fotka makov obec

This romantic mountain settlement just below the ridge of the mountain range can be proud of a few objects of folk architecture: wooden houses (already converted into cottages), an interesting bell tower or a piece of art by an academic sculptor.

turzovka osada turkov

The local part of Turzovka called Turkov spreads out in the Javorníky highlands south of the Kysuca river valley.

trojmedzie cierne

Trojmedzie (Triple point) is a spot where the borders of three European countries - Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland meet. It interconnects the villages of Čierne, Hrčava and Jaworzynka.

skanzen nova bystrica m

In 1974, an open-air museum - Museum of the Kysuce Village was established in Vychylovka. The individual buildings making an exposition of the open-air museum come from several municipalities withing the Region of Kysuce.