Ski running trails

Trails (not treated mechanically):1. To the peak of Veľká Rača along the ridge by the blue and the green tourist trail to the peak of Veľká Rača, 11 km, trail of medium difficulty that starts at the advertisement board of Oščadnica Píla – crossing, end on the peak of Veľká Rača (Polish cottage, lookout tower, cross).

The Beskydy–Javorníky cross-country skiing trail was opened for operation on 21 January 2012. The project was designed and implemented by the Žilina self-governing region. 

In 2012, an association of villages of the micro-region called “Kysucký Triangel”, the villages of Skalité, Čierne, and Svrčinovec, obtained financial aid from the Programme of Cross-border Cooperation SK – CZ 2007 – 2013, Micro-project Fund.