Ski running trails


It is due to its location that the village of Oščadnica has unique conditions for cross-country skiing. In 2023, several attractive cross-country skiing routes will be groomed and prepared for the skiers.

Kysucka magistrala

Kysuce is a location for each of us. Whether in summer or winter, there is always enough fun to have. Right now, during the winter season, you can experience the charm of the Bystrica valley in other ways than on two wheels.

Petranky bezky

Nordic skiing, its benefits and impact on our health needs no closer introduction. Movement in the fresh air energizes both, our body and soul.


If you are an experienced Nordic skier, you must know the Beskydy - Javorník cross-country skiing route and its tails. The route connects Čadca with Makov in the length of more than 50 km.

Bystricka magistrala

Are you new to cross-country skiing, have no experience and look for a suitable terrain for beginners? Or you already have some cross-country skiing experience, but the descents still hurt?


The Beskydy - Javorníky cross-country skiing route is undoubtedly the most popular winter cross-country skiing route in Kysuce. The main ridge of the highway, passing through the Javorníky mountains, is divided into several sub-routes. Semeteš - Melocík is one of them.

Cierne bezky

February of 2023 was abundant in snow, which allowed machine grooming of the cross-country skiing tracks of several sections in the villages of Čierne and Svrčinovec. For current information, please check the websites: and

bezkovanie vysoka nad kysucou

Two cross-country skiing circuits have been groomed in the village - Kelčovské lúky and Liesková. You can also complete the Kelčovské lúka circuit in the evening with a headlamp.


The Beskydy–Javorníky cross-country skiing trail was opened for operation on 21 January 2012. The project was designed and implemented by the Žilina self-governing region. 


In 2012, an association of villages of the micro-region called “Kysucký Triangel”, the villages of Skalité, Čierne, and Svrčinovec, obtained financial aid from the Programme of Cross-border Cooperation SK – CZ 2007 – 2013, Micro-project Fund.