bjm-280x180The Beskydy–Javorníky cross-country skiing trail was opened for operation on 21 January 2012. The project was designed and implemented by the Žilina self-governing region. 

The main trail joins Makov Bumbálka (an area close to the border of the Czech Republic) through Vysoké Javorníky with Čadca – Husárik. This section of the trail is 54 km long.

So far, the 1st phase has been completed, within which the trail has been cleared and 3 stops where you can have a rest, 58 guideposts and 23 information boards were placed there. Besides the stunning atmosphere of the settlements on the ridge of Veľké Javorníky, you can enjoy a unique stone gallery in nature created by artists from the Kysuce and Považie regions.