Hiking trails

Kysucké rarity
: The circuit with one more demanding rise to Živčáková hill – Kysuce Lourdes, a well known pilgrimage place with a chapel and mineral water springs.

The municipality of Klokočov spreads on the area of more than 50 km2 on the border with the Czech Republic and shows its visitors endlessly beautiful scenery.

What to do in summer? How to spend the last days of holidays? The beautiful nature of Kysuce is the right place to make a trip and cure your soul.

Staškov is a birthplace of the famous Slovak actor Jozef Kroner. In addition to the renovated house where he was born, his home village has also built an Educational Path of Jozef Korner, and a Path of Jozef Kroner.

The running circuit known as ŠERÍK’S RUNNING CIRCUIT is situated on the left bank of the Kysuca River in Čadca (opposite the swimming pool). It can be used for jogging and for relaxing as well. The running circuit is 1 km long.