Kaplnka na Velkej RaciWhen wandering in the municipality of Oščadnica, you will come across a few chapels accessible either on foot or by bike. The paths suitable for all age groups will let you get acquainted with tiny hamlets scattered around the Oščadnica municipality.

The chapel behind Dedova serving as a bell tower was built in 1948. The residents of the settlement desired to build a chapel for the purpose of organising meetings and performing devotions. As it is located out of the settlement area, it can be reached via the yellow marked tourist path (8541) from Dedovka, or via the green marked tourist path (5542) from Vyšný koniec.

The Švancari chapel started writing its history in 1961. It is placed directly in the Švancári settlement on a green marked tourist path (5541) approximately 200 m from the access road to the settlement.

The chapel near Haladeji was built in 1961. It can be accessed on the blue marked tourist path from Lalíkovci (2671) after approximately 800 m when you shall turn left along the road to Haladejovci settlement.



The chapel in Rovne built around 1933-1936 collapsed due to a landslide at the end of the 1960s but was successfully restored in 1982. You can reach it by going up the path between the houses, turning left after about 800 m and reaching it after another 400 m.

The chapel on Vrečšovka is in the Vreščovka settlement near the bus stop. The date of its construction as well as the name of its author and builder is unknown.



The wooden chapel on Veľká Rača, dedicated to Saint Júda Tadeáš - patron in hopelessness, was completed in February 2012. It is located at the top of Dedovka (a few meters from the exit station of the cable car towards the top of Veľká Rača).

Kaplnka na Velkej Raci

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