Kysuce is an unexplored region, beautiful in its simplicity, humble in its faith, traditional in its folklore and art, kind-hearted in its hospitality and exceptional in its natural beauty.

cyklopotulky mala

If you enjoy riding a bike, admire nature and visiting regionally interesting location, you might be interested in a documentary series called Cyklopotulky. The film crew visited Kysuce twice - in 2016 a short report was filmed from the village of Oščadnica and in 2019 the same series captured the villages of Staškov, Krásno nad Kysucou and Čadca (you can find the series on this link).

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Do you enjoy wandering in nature on bike but the locations that have caught your interest are too far away? You needn´t worry. The Žilina self-governing region in cooperation with other entities provides a bike bus on the route Žilina - Nová Bystrica and back.

Bukov Oscadnica ikona

Though this cycling path is not marked on maps, it will be recommended to you by a few local fans of two-wheeled vehicles. The trail, characterized by an ascent, but rewarded by a long descent on groomed forest roads, will be like a balm for your sporty soul.

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Milošová is a suburb of Čadca. The first association coming to your mind will probably be the stone spheres, a rarity located in its upper part - Megoňky. If you go to Milošová from Čadca on a bicycle, you might be surprised by tough climbs and "fortunately"some descents, where can relax a bit.

Medvedia skala cyklo

The cycling Route of Solidarity connects the Square of Ján Palárik in the centre of Raková with an impressive rock wall near the border with the Czech Republic named "Medvedia skala"(Bear´s rock). Of course, the name symbolically points out at the power of nature, and you can cycle without being afraid of encountering the animal.