thumb ikonaMilošová is a suburb of Čadca. The first association coming to your mind will probably be the stone spheres, a rarity located in its upper part - Megoňky. If you go to Milošová from Čadca on a bicycle, you might be surprised by tough climbs and "fortunately"some descents, where can relax a bit.

The circuitous route which extends far behind the area of Kysuce and even Slovakia offers several attractions - the famous Milošová spheres, Milošová lake and the historical fortification of Jablunkov Šance over the border in the Czech Republic.

If you come here by car, you are recommended to park by the lake where you can have a picnic after completing the cycling tour. Follow the yellow tourist sign back in the direction of Čadca to the path sign near Kadlubec settlement. After 1.5 km you will reach the village of Dejovka after a steep climb along the panel road. You will probably have to conquer the steep climb by pushing your bike. From there, a well-deserved descent awaits you on the green marked trail to the Mosty u Jablunkova (ČR). Further on, just follow the yellow marked trail to reach the stone spheres and the lake. On the way long, you will find a few places to refresh. Be sure to take Czech crowns, though payment in euros is possible in some of the facilities. Finally, be ready to come across a lot of cyclists in the area.

When it comes to benefits of such a ride, visiting several attractions at once, undemanding length and terrain (suitable for trek bikes), nice views and natural scenery are worth mentioning. The cycling trail runs mainly off busy roads (there is only a short section in Mosty passing across the main road).

If you intend to hike only, we recommend going in the opposite direction.

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Plan your route via:  

  • Length: 8.3 km
  • Difficulty: medium, RECREATION
  • Ascent 240 m, descent 240 m
  • Color markings: yellow and green tourist markings

Points of interest on the route:

  • Milošovský pond - a suitable place for recreation with a ban on swimming, ice rink in winter
  • Milošovské stone spheres - stone quarry, we recommend going through the steep path to the forest to the left of the quarry, where there are two more stone spheres; possibility of sitting/bench
  • Jablunkovské Šance (CZ) - historical fortification from the 16th century - preserved and visible are ditches with ramparts, a defensive ditch and the remains of the walls from the original fortification, the possibility of sitting in a shelter



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