thumb cyklobus ikonaDo you enjoy wandering in nature on bike but the locations that have caught your interest are too far away? You needn´t worry. The Žilina self-governing region in cooperation with other entities provides a bike bus on the route Žilina - Nová Bystrica and back.

The Bystrica cycling route is a safe cycling path built off the main road between Krásno nad Kysucou and Nová Bystrica along the Bystrica river, it roughly copies the bus route.

The cycling route through the Bystrica valley will take you to a number of attractive spots such as the astronomic clock in the village of Stará Bystrica, the church in Zborov nad Bystricou with its admirable stained-glass windows by Vincent Hložník, or the Kysuce Village Museum in Vychylovka, or a cycling circuit around the water reservoir in Nová Bystrica.

Bike bus is at your disposal on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 1 May 2022 to 25 September 2022. In the period from 1 July to 2 September 2022, i.e. during the summer holidays, bike buses run on Fridays, as well.

You will appreciate this option supposing you are cycling with your children. If you are interested in the service, you can buy a ticket from the driver (the ticket is paid according to the distance + €0.50 per bike), or use advance payment in the ticket system or in person at SAD Žilina Client Centres (KC OC Mirage, AS Žilina, AS Martin, AS Čadca).

All you must do is load your bike and set off to enjoy rich cycling opportunities offered by the region. If the capacity of 24 bicycles is exceeded, tickets purchased in advance are accepted first. When purchasing a return ticket (travel fee + seat + imported bicycle) in the electronic system, the fee for the return journey of the imported bicycle is not charged.

The bike bus line in the direction to Kysuce remains unchanged. It starts from the bus station in Žilina, while the bike bus also passes through Kysucké Nové Mesto, Krásno nad Kysucou and reaches the final stop in Nová Bystrica.


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Schedule of the Kysuce bike bus:

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