Medvedia skala cykloThe cycling Route of Solidarity connects the Square of Ján Palárik in the centre of Raková with an impressive rock wall near the border with the Czech Republic named "Medvedia skala"(Bear´s rock). Of course, the name symbolically points out at the power of nature, and you can cycle without being afraid of encountering the animal.

TIP: The cycling route is part of the international amateur cup in MTB time trial for individuals - UPHILL MTB Beskydy. The race starting in Raková is held annually in July. In 2018, it was on July 22, 2018 (

Type: road cycling route
Length: 10.3 km, the route is not circular
Approximate time: 1:00 h
Surface: asphalt
Difficulty: recreational

Marking of the main route in the field: yellow cycling route 8464 Cycling Route of Solidarity


Medvedia skala cyklo

Main route tracing:

  • starting point: Square of Jána Palárik in Raková (free parking)
  • continue on the yellow marked cycling trail along the main road for approximately 400 m with a turn left to Korcháň
  • ascend on an asphalt road for about 5 km to Korcháň (information boards, shelter, possible starting point here)
  • continue from the signpost Nad Kurajkou on a nice forest gravel road 3.2 km to Medvedia skala and enjoy nice views in the open spaces
  • two options to continue: approximately 2 km to Tetřev lookout (cottage) and another 2 km to Veľký Polom
  • way back: following the same trail, or descending to Klokočov/Čadca on the Kysuce cycling route or taking the unmarked trail to Mosty u Jablunkova (plan your journey according to the map)

Points of interest on the route:

  • Square v Raková – surfaced area in front of the church with benches, a pastry shop and a playground
  • Medvedia skala – a rock solitaire the size of a multi-storey house with a chapel from 2014 dedicated to St. Hubert, the patron of hunters. There are wooden benches with a fireplace to take a rest.

Medvedia skala

  • The memorial room of Ján Palárik, a prominent native, priest, playwright and journalist, is located in the Municipal Office (a visit must be arranged in advance). In his honour, a competition of amateur theatre ensembles called Palárikova Raková is held in the village annually in April.

Points of interest out of the route:

  • Tetřev lookout tower (Czech Republic) – a roofed lookout towr built in 2011 stands at an altitude of 944 m above sea level near Kamenná Cottage, it is open throughout the year in winter and summer season (approximately 2 km from Medvedia skala)
  • Veľký Polom – a nature reserve with the peak of the same name (1067 m above sea level) on the Slovak-Czech border. The New Year's tourist climb to Veľký Polom is a long tradition and a pleasant meeting of tourists from the three neighbouring states.


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