Bukov Oscadnica ikonaThough this cycling path is not marked on maps, it will be recommended to you by a few local fans of two-wheeled vehicles. The trail, characterized by an ascent, but rewarded by a long descent on groomed forest roads, will be like a balm for your sporty soul.

The trail starting point is in front of the Tesco shopping centre in Čadca. A short way to Bukov is followed by a red marked tourist trail heading to Skalité. In the local part of Bukov, the Bukov spring listed in the list of natural monuments and characterized by a specific smell caused by the emission of hydrogen sulphide can be found. Its characteristic taste gave the water its local name "egg water". After a few tens of meters, the cottage and gardening area ends, and the road continues with a sign prohibiting the entry of all vehicles. However, it might happen that sometimes a car will overtake you on the route, though it is rather rare.

After a long continuous climb, you will reach a platform and the intersection of several routes. There are 3 options to choose from. The two trails are paved forest roads, the third one is not marked, which might be a bit confusing. The first trail on the right is the already mentioned red marked hiking trail connecting Čadca and Skalité, it crosses the plateau and continues on the path through the trees. The forest road on the right will lead you to Oščadnica where the unmarked trail connects to the blue marked one (2429. Descending past the game park, you will reach the main road and the manor house with its large park. This is the first option of descent.

Nevertheless, we recommend following the forest path on the left when you have reached the platform. Through the pleasant mountain terrain, you will reach the intersection with the green marked cycling path and the signpost Pod Javorským. We can either go back to Čadca via Drahošanka, continue along the green marked path to Oščadnica. After a few kilometers down the hill enjoying stunning views of Malá Fatra, you will again come across the intersection of cycling paths and the signpost Oščadnica Breziny. You shall continue on the blue marked path to Oščadnica rimmed by the educational path Javorské and its beautiful resting places. At the second stop on the path, you will notice another forest path on the right which we would have taken if we had taken the first option of the descent on the platform.

You shall continue past the game park to the manor house and return to Čadca along the main road through Horelica. The manor house shelters the Kysuce Gallery which you can stop to see the current exhibition provided you arrive during the opening hours.

The whole circle is approximately 15 km long with comparably steep descents and ascents at about 350 meters in height. The trail offers several variations of descents and options to extend the trail if you wish. For better orientation in terrain, you are recommended to use a high-quality map or GPS navigation.


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