uvodna mapaThe educational trail starts on the square in the centre of Oščadnica. Walking 450m on a footpath next to the main road, you will reach the Šporcentrum facility (Penzión Gájuz, www.penzion.gajuz.sk), and there you are, at the start of the trail.

You can park here, have something to eat or drink in the restaurant with a beautiful outdoor terrace, or use some of the summer attractions available nearby.

The path continues up the hill along the ski lift, and after a few meters it turns to a forest road leading to the destination point. Hiking on the path, you can relax on 4 well-equipped seating areas with information boards. The path end after 2 km on the ridge called Surovina and brings you to a well and a fireplace to rest by. You can get back on the same way or continue on the blue marked path towards Chata na Rači, or in the opposite direction to the lower end of the village.

Length: 2 km, 1 hour (one way)

Difficulty: Recreational

Options: grilling on the "Surovina" ridge, views, refreshments at the Gájuz guesthouse, use of summer attractions.


The dominant feature of the nature trail will be the new lookout tower.


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