thumb Doroťanka 33The municipality of Klokočov spreads on the area of more than 50 km2 on the border with the Czech Republic and shows its visitors endlessly beautiful scenery.

If you want to make a short two or three hour walking trip with your children, we have a nice tip for a trip behind the Slovak borders – the mountain cottage Doroťanka.
Path: unmarked, total length: 4.7 km (descent on the same path)

You can reach the local area Klokočov - Vrchpredmier on foot, by bus, car or bike. If you go by car, you can park in front of the pub in Vrchpredmier and set out on foot along the road to the left. The path to Doroťanka is not marked. If you went to the right, you would follow the yellow marked path and you would get to the frequently visited area of Biely Kríž.

Walking in comfortable pace you will soon reach the 2.3 km distant cottage. The cottage was built during World War II as a customs office for German soldiers to protect their borders from the Slovak State. The cottage is open during the whole year and is a pleasant stop on their path on the mountain ridge passing from Bumbálka through Klokočov – Konečná and Biely Kríž to Visolaje.

You can return on the same path or continue towards Klokočov – Konečná 2.5 km (to the bus stop), or you can walk the opposite direction to Biely Kríž (3.5 km) and from there, you can follow the yellow marked path to the parking(approximately 1 hour).


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