chodnik JK 4Staškov is a birthplace of the famous Slovak actor Jozef Kroner. In addition to the renovated house where he was born, his home village has also built an Educational Path of Jozef Korner, and a Path of Jozef Kroner.

While the Educational Path of Jozef Kroner is 16 km long and passes from the Municipal Office to the Chapel on the Muřínkový Hill on the border with the municipality of Horní Lomná, the Path of Jozef Kroner is only 1.2 km long and leads around the house of Kroner´s birth in the area called Grapa.
The statues placed on the path were created in sequences during three sculptural symposiums called Smiles of a Genial Clown organized in Staškov by the Association of Jozef Kroner´s Natives during the years 2012-2015 (2012, 2013, 2015). During the symposium, twelve Slovak academic sculptors created 12 wooden sculptures inspired by the theatre plays and films in which the famous citizen of Staškov performed and starred.
During his life, Jozef Kroner created a few dozens of memorable characters such as Pacho, Svágo Ragan, Kubo, Tóno Brtko or Martin Pichanda, the main character of the famous saga Millennial Bee. The following characters and movies are displayed in form of the 12 artworks placed on the Path of Jozef Kroner.

  • Bee maps - based on the movie Tisícročná včela (The Millennial Bee) (Author: Peter Pohanka)
  • Pacho - based on the movie Pacho Hybský zbojník (Pacho, the Robber of Hybe) (Author: Jaroslav Gaňa)
  • Ozembuch - based on the movie Sváko Ragan (Uncle Ragan) (Author: Marek Ryboň)
  • Brána do neba (Gateway to Heaven) - inspired by the film The Shop on Main Street (Author: Jozef Mundier)
  • Mať muzikantov (Mother of Musicians) - based on the movie My sme malí muzikanti (We are Young Musicians)(Author: Juraj Čutek)
  • Between Body and Soul - based on the movie Ty, ktorý si na nebesiach (You, who are in Heaven) (Author: Mária Hradská)
  • Matúšova medicína (Matthew´s Medicine) - based on the movie Slovácko sa nesúdi (Author: Ondřej Zimka ml.)
  • Tradition and love - based on the movie Fidlikant na streche (Fiddler on the Roof) (Author: Peter Repka)
  • Based on the movie Kubo (Author: Stanislav Vršanský)
  • Based on the movie Professor Poležajev (Author: Tomáš Křivý)
  • The White Disease - our way - based on the movie The White Disease (Author: Miroslav Pallo)
  • Charles' clown - based on the movie of Persons from Circus Caravans (Author: Juraj Čutek and other sculptors from previous symposia)

The Path begins and ends at the birthplace of Jozef Kroner in Staškov (next to the train station). Its length is 1.2 km and it leads through easy grass field terrain. The Path is easy and even small children can manage the trip without any difficulties.


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