thumb Petránky 8Viewing towers in Kysuce rank among the most beautiful ones in the Czech and Slovak Republics. The one above the village of Zákopčie, on Marťák hill, was built in 2009-2011 from natural wood and stone.

It towers at an altitude of 854 m above sea level and provides a beautiful circular view of nearby and distant mountains.

You can see the queen of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy - Lysá Hora, the highest peak of Kysuce - Veľká Rača and the majestic Rozsutec in Malá Fatra.

The lookout point located on the Javorník ridge can be accessed on the red tourist path from Čadca (and on the other side from Makov) and on the blue sign from Kysucké Nové Mesto on the route of V. Galvánek. From Ochodnica, you can take the green marked path to Chotárny kopec and connect to the red marked path on the ridge.

Path: Zákopčie u Rulcov - Osada u Trnkov - Lookout on Marťák hill above the Petránky settlement

Marking: Unmarked route

Path length: 2.1 km

It is possible to have a picnic at the observation tower. However, there is no source of drinking water.

Warning: Prepare your children for a steep climb. Lookout towers are usually built on hills :-)


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The shortest way from Zákopčie – u Rulcov suitable for smaller children is 2.1 km long in one direction (in total 4.2 km). You can get here comfortably by bus (it is the final stop; buses turn around here). There is a chapel at the settlement U Rulcov.

You shall start your journey at the settlement U Trnkov. You must be careful, the path is not marked, but uncomplicated to get oriented. You shall follow a relatively good and paved road (despite the ban on the entry of cars, you may come across some). In the settlement U Trnkov, you will follow the blue marked path to Petránky on the right, which is a longer one, or continue on the shorter path towards the lookout point. The path is not marked, but you will come across orange markings - a pillar of the Beskydy-Javorníky cross-country skiing route. At the intersections on the way to the lookout, be sure to turn right. The way back is the same, or you can adjust it according to your feeling and physical shape (e.g., through Petránky, follow the blue marked path - see the map below, or follow the red sign to Čadca, or the blue one to KNM).


Circular path - 5.6 km

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