In 2012, an association of villages of the micro-region called “Kysucký Triangel”, the villages of Skalité, Čierne, and Svrčinovec, obtained financial aid from the Programme of Cross-border Cooperation SK – CZ 2007 – 2013, Micro-project Fund, to purchase a treatment machine for cross-country skiing trails (so-called avalanche). This year, the machine will be treating the 45km long International Trail of Health, which has an elevation from 436 meters above sea level in Svrčinovec, to 836 metres above sea level on Liesková hill above Skalité.

The trail begins and ends at a snack bar called Snežienka (667 metres above sea level) in Skalité - Serafínov, to which you can reach by car or by train (the railway station Skalité – Serafinov is 400 metres far). Right after the start at the Snežienka snack bar, rise 385 metres northeast-wards to the border. At an altitude of 704 metres above sea level, you can cross the international road using a foot-bridge and continue to the ridge of Poľana (793 metres above sea level), then northwards again to the border and then along the state border to Kykula hill (819 metres above sea level). From the settlement of Rieka (678 metres above sea level) you can get to the centre of the village of Skalité or you can continue west to the village of Čierne, where you will cross a brook named Čadečka (492 metres above sea level). There you can leave the trail and descend to a bus stop at Čierne - Polesie. Continue along the border towards Trojmedzie, cross the border to Poland after 11.8 km and continue to Trojmedzie – the place where three countries meet (559 metres above sea level). From Trojmedzie continue towards the Czech Republic and in the valley of the brook of Hrčava (504 metres above sea level) the trail turns back to Slovakia. This is the place where you could join the trail by passenger car or by train (the railway station in Čierne is nearby). The trail goes along the railway track and after 700 metres it turns north through the Kozove hills to the border, to the village of Hrčava (588 metres above sea level). Here you can switch to a cross-country skiing trail “Mosty u Jablunkova – Gírová” in the Czech Republic. The trail goes further through the valley of Čierny brook (484 metres above sea level). There you can join the trail from the village of Čierne – Lower End. Continue to Markov and Polgrúň (593 metres above sea level, with a possibility to switch to a cross-country skiing trail “Mosty u Jablunkova – Gírová” in the Czech Republic). From Polgrúň, the trail turns to Svrčinovec by the green mark, goes around church and fire station (436 metres above sea level) to a settlement named Lašutovci, where it crosses the valley. At the 27th km, you can switch to a recreational trail leading to the settlement of “U Deja”, then to Čerchle (683 metres above sea level) and then through Stankovo to Tri kopce by the green mark. Then the red mark joins and continues to Liesková (836 metres above sea level). Follow the green trail from the peak of Liesková, go along the brook Drobiská above agricultural objects (573 metres above sea level), where the trail crosses the road, turns again to the south and starts rising around Osolný massif (765 metres above sea level) to the Polish border. Then it continues along the border back to the snack bar Snežienka.

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Medzinárodná stopa zdravia Skalité Trojmedzie



Medzinárodná stopa zdravia Svrčinovec - Studeničné