Petránky  kópiaEven though lookout towers are not natural attractions, you can enjoy nature during a walk to a lookout tower. If the weather is good, all lookout towers offer exquisite views of the Kysuce nature.

Lookout tower at Kamenité (834 metres above sea level) situated on the main ridge of Javorníky directly on a tourist trail, between Dlhá nad Kysucou and Dlhé Pole, was opened in 2005 as the first lookout tower. If weather conditions are good, it offers exquisite views of Beskydy Mountains, Malá Fatra Mountains and the Tatras as well.

Bobovec Lookout tower (723 metres above sea level) above Stará Bystrica was opened in August 2011 on Bobovec Hill. Lookout tower at Marťankovský hill (854 metres above sea level) was built above the settlement Petránky in Zákopčie in autumn 2011. The lookout towers are built of traditional natural materials – stone and wood. The newest lookout tower on the ridge of Javorníky so far is a wooden lookout tower on Luby (between village Vysoká nad Kysucou and Veľké Rovné, approximately 200 metres from a tourist trail). Wooden lookout tower on Stratenec hill above Makov (1,055 metres above sea level) built in 2008 is the lookout tower in the highest altitude.

We also have to mention an observation platform on Veľká Rača (1,236 metres above sea level), from which you can enjoy a view of the Moravian – Silesian Beskydy, Pilsko, Babia hora, hills of Malá Fatra (Veľký Rozsutec) or Roháče if the weather is good. In 2012 another lookout tower, Tetřev was built under Veľký Polom in the Czech Republic.



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